Special Notice

*** We are reopening our church! ***

Sunday Church Services will recommence on Sunday 12th July at 2pm.


Healing & Meditation will recommence on Tuesday 14th July at 1:30pm.

Please note that for both of the above meetings
the Covid Safe Plan will be applied in accordance with Council and Government Rulings.

I am very much looking forward to seeing you again.

Love & Light Patricia

Enquiries: Minister ~ Reverend Patricia - (612) 9545 0832

Church of the Spirit - Spiritual Church
Caringbah Senior Citizens Centre
376 Port Hacking Road South, Caringah, NSW 2229
(Rear of library carpark)

We have regular Sunday Services

(Spirit Communication, Guest Medium)
Each Sunday at 2:00pm - 4:00pm ~ Followed by afternoon tea.


Guided Meditation & Spiritual Healing
Tuesday 1:30pm - 3.00pm ~ Followed by afternoon tea.

Church of the Spirit - Spiritual Church
Caringbah Senior Citizens Centre
376 Port Hacking Road South, Caringah, NSW 2229
(Rear of library carpark)

What is Spiritualism?
Spiritualism is a Philosophy, Science and Religion based on the belief of the continuous existence of the Soul/Spirit after passing from this world and the ability to communicate with those spirits.

When Did Spiritualism Begin?
Aspects of this Spiritualist Philosophy date right back into the very early ages of mankind's history. Though the Movement as we know it today began in America in 1848, when communication was received from a man known to have died.
Then suddenly, contact with the departed became frequent and publicised around the world.
Many small groups gathered together, spreading across America, then quickly to England, Europe in 1852, and to the Australian goldfields in Victoria in the 1860's.
Across the world today many countless Churches, Centres and Groups have been formed.

Who are Spiritualists?

The majority of Spiritualists are people who at some time were part of an orthodox religion, discovering that the knowledge presented was very limited, leaving many incomplete answers to questions.
These people are of all ages, race and creed who wish to have the freedom to explore their own understanding, which will assist them to have a better concept of life and its origin, without feeling restricted by the limited views of others.
People are encouraged to be responsible for their own actions and to take control of their own life. They are given the opportunity to seek out truth and beliefs which resonate with their own heart as each ones own Spiritual journey unfolds...

What Spiritualists Believe?
Spiritualism has no Dogma or Creed.
Every being is seen as an individual looking to expand their own awareness and understanding surrounding their role in life.
Spiritualism has Seven Principles given as inspired Guidelines, open to personal interpretation.
We accept that there is a Great Infinite Divine Intelligence, the Life Force, an all knowing, ever present energy God, the Creator of all life, leaving within each one of us a spark of Divinity... The LIGHT WITHIN.
Divine Love flows constantly from the Source of all Creation to all living beings and all forms of NATURE.
We believe that we all follow our own path at our own pace, discovering the God within.
We are Spiritual Beings having a physical experience in a material world, aspiring to perfect balance on our journey back to the Divine Source.
Our basic belief is in the continuation of life and that death is transition to another level of consciousness. We see life as Eternal. We are a Spirit co-existing in a Physical Body.
We strive to create a loving, nurturing atmosphere where one can discover their own divinity.
A place where freedom of thought, self expression and confidence in one's uniqueness can grow. Where peace and true attunement with all life can be felt.
We recognise Psychic faculties as a natural ability, (however latent in some), but is another one of our senses (the sixth sense/intuition).
Meditation is an important aspect used in the development and awareness of these areas and is a natural progression toward spiritual unfoldment.
As we experience many things on our journey through life we find ourselves likening life to the classroom in which we learn many lessons.

The Aims Spiritualism
To provide various Mediums/Speakers an opportunity to share their knowledge of life.
To demonstrate and prove that life continues and communication with the caring loved ones is possible.
To create a loving, nurturing atmosphere where one can discover their own divinity.
A place where freedom of thought, self expression and confidence in one's uniqueness can grow.
Where peace and true at-one-ment with all of life can be felt.

Spiritual Healing
One of the Pillars of Spiritualism is Spiritual/Divine Healing which includes Absent or Distance Healing.
You may have heard the term "healing hands/laying on hands" before.
This is especially true of a "Spiritual" healer as the hands are often the focal point through which healing is channelled - (although healing energies can in fact be passed from the whole body).

1. The Fatherhood of God
Looking at the world around us, and the universe, we cannot deny that there is a force which has created life in all its varying forms.
This force keeps the whole of existence in a state of balance, giving room for expansion, transformation and creation. This creative force we term God.
"God has created life so we speak of Fatherhood".
By acknowledging The Fatherhood of God we accept mankind's inherent divinity as Children of God, each individual person containing within them a spark of that eternal life force.

2. The Brotherhood of Man
It follows then that each of us are in the same relationship to that Fatherhood, just as we are in a human family.
A Brotherhood is a community for mutual support and comfort.
As we learn to give to others in this relationship, so we must also learn to receive, so achieving the necessary balance for our lives.
To live up to the principle 'The Brotherhood of Man', ensures that we look not just to the material needs of our fellow creatures, but also to the spiritual needs.

3. The Communion of Spirits and the Ministry of Angels
The key principle of the religion of Spiritualism is the Communion of Spirit. When this principle is put into action, as it is constantly in Spiritualist Churches by mediums, Spiritualism gives substance to its teaching of eternal life by demonstrating its reality.
Energy does not die, it cannot be destroyed. It can only change its form.
Spirit, which is energy, cannot be destroyed either, but its manifestation can and does alter.
The creative force, which is the source of all life, is eternal, and so the individual is eternal, and death cannot sever the bonds of love and friendship.
It is natural then, that those who have 'died' would wish to come back and minister to their family and friends through communication via a medium or sensitive.

4. Continuous Existence of the Human Soul
Spirit is indestructible.
When the physical body dies, the spirit continues as an integral part of a world which interpenetrates ours, but which is in a different dimension.
We refer to this world as the Spirit World.
When living in the Spirit World we are the same individuals in every way, with the same personalities and characteristics.
We change only by progression, or otherwise, as a result of our own efforts.

5. Personal Responsibility
Through acceptance of our immortality through the Fatherhood of God, and acknowledgment of our responsibilities to others through the Brotherhood of Man, we are also asserting our individuality, and in that assertion must be the recognition of the effects created by everything we are responsible for - our words, our actions and even our unspoken thoughts.
Our spiritual progression is wholly dependent upon ourselves, and it is very important therefore, that as full an understanding as possible of all the implications of this principle is achieved.

6. Compensation and Retribution
As with all the other principles, the natural laws apply, and this one echoes The Law of Cause and Effect,
'As you sow, so shall you reap'.
You cannot be cruel and vindictive towards others and expect love and popularity in return.
Personal Responsibility asks you to - 'Do as you would be done by'.
Compensation and Retribution says - 'Be done by as you did'.

7. Eternal Progress Open to Every Human Soul
Accepting Personal Responsibility implies that within the context of this principle, our spiritual progression is wholly within our hands, and it is only by developing our individual spiritual qualities that we can progress.
Progress is never easy, and great progress demands sacrifice.
Our spiritual blessings are in proportion to the efforts we make, stimulating finer vibrations within our soul which raise us ever higher in the great divine spiral of spiritual progression, in eternal duration..

Church of the Spirit - Spiritual Church
Caringbah Senior Citizens Centre
376 Port Hacking Road South, Caringah, NSW 2229
(Rear of library carpark)