Thoughts and Prayers

1. Grace (opening prayer)

Dear Lord
Infinite Consciousness

As we gather in this sacred place we open our hearts to spirit as one.
We humbly seek the presence of those clothed by Your light. 

Those whose wisdom is Your wisdom.
Those whose love is Your love. 

We seek communion with those who have travelled on before us.
While we live in a world sadly narrowed by their absence.

As these words tumble into the silence, 
we ask that we may be raised up in love and truth as Your grace descends.

Allow us in this time to become more spirit than flesh.
Allow us in this time to be more there, than here.

Dear Lord place in our hearts the grace to know, that come what may, love is still possible.

If it be Your will
If it be Your will
If it be Your will

2. Divine Spirit (opening prayer)

Divine Spirit

Creator of all that is, all that ever was and all that ever will be.
We pray that Your enduring love may fall as a gentle rain upon us.

From Your immortal place we seek the company of those who are abundant in your spirit 
and we welcome those of pure intent both known and unknown to us.

In this gathering, this celestial congregation, lift us ever higher.
May the branches of our being bear good fruit,
knowing that part of the work is up to us and 
part of the work is up to those who would work through us.

In every moment of our eternal journey, 
may that of God in each of us acknowledge and honour that of God in all of us.

Dear Lord help us to simplify and deepen our faith. 
And from that quiet connection may we share Your treasured solace, 
to bring calm to the turbulent mind, stillness to the lost spirit and make gentle the angry heart.

May the light from the centre of all that is good shine to us and through us
And by staying the cherished course, bring heaven upon Earth.

If it be Your will, 
if it be Your will, 
if it be Your will.


2. Glimpses of You (thoughts)

To the Great Consciousness that is beyond knowing
To the Giver and the Gift
We see you in the miracle that is this world, the miracle that is this life.

You are the line of trees shaped new by the wind.
You are the rattle of leaves above coarse bark.
You are the still of the lake when the clouds dip low.
You are the damp underfoot in the moon, in the dark.

You are a stick, and a stone -
You are the crunch in the gravel beneath my feet.
You are the far made close in the last light of day,
And You are the dawn when the sun and the stars of night meet.

You are the touch of a hand in the foam of a wave.
You are the grit of the sand that’s been here for so long.
You are the taste of the salt in the air that I breathe,
And You are here, in this time, when the sea becomes song.

You are the warmth of a hug.
And a truly felt tear.
You are the laugh of a child.
And You are those we hold dear.

You are the gossip of crickets, nearby in the earth.
You are the air made cool by the scatter of rain.
You are the bird high above, more free than free.
You are the call to that so much higher than me.